Bonyaco GmbH has been established as an export and import company in Austria. Bonyaco business model is based on the export and import based on the market demands in Asia and Europa.

Based on diversify of our business and considering accessibility and international opportunities we have established our company it in Austria as middle of Europe. The revenues of our company are depending on the variables that are factored in with investments in the marketing.

Company Strategy

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Nasser Bonyadi


Adherence to internal and external changes for customer satisfaction, Mutual respect and believing that our customers are valued


 Commitment, Accountability, Accuracy, Loyalty


Bonyaco GmbH conducts import and export business as well as investments.

Scope of Work

Bonyaco GmbH conducts import and export business as well as investments.

The company undertakes all services for import and export of products and conducts all the related security and surveillance

Our target customer or market segments

Considering our business experiences and market analysis the following countries are as our target market:

Turkey, Dubai, Oman, Romania, Italy, Honk Kong and China

We are using potential of our markets for export or import of product based on our customers demand.

Products to trade

Bonyaco GmBH works with experienced experts in different fields . Our major business speical fields include:

  •  Car spare
  • Glass
  • Chemical materials
  • Food and Drink